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A Guide to Hydrating Your Dehydrated Skin – Product Recommendations

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It’s no news that hydration is very important in a skincare routine, to keep your skin healthy, plump and resilient. My skin felt quite dehydrated over the past weeks and it was a whole mess. Like everyone else, I love a properly hydrated skin, so it’s only natural for me to want it back.


Also, the cold (harmattan/winter) seasons are upon us and that’s more reason to get products that will keep your skin hydrated. So, I put together this post as a guide on products I’m currently using, that you can also use to get a well-hydrated skin.

Why My Skin was Dehydrated

For context, I have oily, acne-prone skin and I was also experiencing some breakouts. Dehydration causes oily skin to produce more oil but at the same time, my face was feeling very dry and flaky. This might have been due to the additions I made to my skincare routine recently but I cannot say for sure as I added a couple of products to my routine. Either way, this post is only focusing on products to help your skin get better.

Hydration vs. Moisturizing

It’s also worth mentioning that hydration is different from moisturizing but they work collectively to keep your skin healthy. The products below have hydrating as well as moisturizing properties and they’ve really helped my skin get back to its healthy state.


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Please use the links below for each product if you’d like to shop any of them.

Some of these links are affiliate so I get a tiny commission for completed purchases at no cost to you! This contributes to the maintenance of the blog, so I would absolutely appreciate you using the links!🖤

1. PURITO Oat-In Calming Gel Cream


I know it seems like I’m promoting this cream a lil too much😅 but I quite like it and it’s new, so it needs the attention. You can read my first impressions on it as well as the full review I published recently. I like how it feels upon application and it’s lightweight enough to layer up with other creams.

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You can also shop from Stylevana and Jolse.

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2. VT Cosmetics CICA Care Cream

VT cosmetics cica cream blogpost khairahscorner youtube channel

This has been my go-to cream whenever I experience irritation (even on other parts of the body) and I have a review up for it. It’s also a gel cream but it’s heavier, so you only need a tiny amount. However, during the cold seasons, using more quantity would be appropriate.

Click to shop on:


3. COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

Even though the culprit that caused my dehydration could have been its cleanser counterpart, that doesn’t ruin the nice experience I’ve had with this essence! It is literally holy grail and I’m quite surprised I haven’t shared a full blog review yet🤦🏾‍♀️ (you can check out my Instagram post on it though).


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4. Other Recs

Another product I’ve used is the CELIMAX Real Noni Energy Repair Cream. It really helped with calming my skin whenever it felt irritated and also for damaged skin barrier.


About: A concentrated cream infused with skin-restoring ingredients for damaged, irritated skin. It’s formulated with with 57% Noni fruit extract and comes in a size of 50ml. Read my review.

Shop on:

Yesstyle (Use rewards code KHAIRAH21 for extra 2-5% off)


**All pictures used in this post are mine (except ad banners). Do not reuse without my permissions.


Thank you for reading, I hope these recommendations are useful and they help you whenever you’re in need of hydration!🖤

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these and your thoughts on them.

With Love,



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