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Life Lately – Starting a YouTube Channel + Tips

Hi everyone! I’m back to microblogging and this time, I’ll be sharing ALL about my new YouTube channel and how I’ll be posting regular updates here on the blog so you don’t miss out on anything!

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My blog will always be my first love because I articulate better in writing. However lately, I’ve pushing myself more, and just simply trying new things. Starting a YouTube channel was one of the items on my checklist and I’m glad I got myself to pull it off.

If you have a YouTube channel and you’re on Pinterest, you should check out this YouTube board to get your videos to more audience. I’m also more active on Quora and I tend to write a lot of answers so if you’re on Quora too, let’s catch up!

If you’re currently viewing this on a laptop/PC, LOOK to your right! I have lots of offers and discount codes you can check out💕.

If you’re on mobile, make sure to scroll down to the end so you don’t miss these discounts!

I’ve uploaded 9 videos so far and for ease, I’ll be bringing them to you here in case you don’t use YouTube! Quite a number of you have been reading my blog for a while and I’m grateful you’re still here so this is the least I can do to ensure you get access to my content on other platforms💕💕!

**Note: They are all playlists so you can click on the hamburger icon (with the tiny play button) to check out the rest of the videos in the playlist✨


If you’re into skincare or you’d love some product reviews, here’s some skincare content for you:




I did a lot of research before deciding to start this channel because I wanted to do my best with it and have fun as well. I was able to gather a lot of helpful tips and I share them below, how they’ve helped me and how they can help you too!



I follow quite a number of channels that offer YouTube advice and my current favorite is Annie Dubé! She’s absolutely amazing and offers lots of great advice too.


If you’re a fan of K-Pop (no, not just BTS) and you’re open to checking out more K-Pop related content, this playlist is for you.



My current favorite group is TREASURE (트레저) and you should absolutely check out this website I developed for them. It shares details about the members, you can also check out their songs and some digital photocards in the gallery section.

I’m also a BlackPink fan and occassionally, I enjoy music from Hwasa(Mamamoo), Kai(Exo), Jessi, Aespa and anyone else that pops up on my radar with a nice melody.


If you’re a fan of Tiktok videos, Instagram reels or short video content in general, you’d like my #YouTubeShorts collection:


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That’s it for this post! I hope you find one or two videos entertaining, don’t forget to subscribe! If you also have a YouTube channel, the tips from my YouTube playlist could help improve your channel! You should also make sure to check out Annie’s channel for more tips.

Thank you for reading! I’ll be bringing more YouTube content here to the blog so let me know what you think of this idea in the comments! If you’re on YouTube, drop your channel link so I can also check it out.

Till Next Time,

With Love,




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