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How to Start a YouTube Channel in 2021 – Tips For Beginners, Mistakes to Avoid

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Hi everyone, I’m here with another microblog post on how to start a YouTube channel in 2021. It includes tips that can be of great help, best practices and mistakes to avoid as new YouTubers. It will also be very useful for you if you already have a channel and you’re just looking for more tips.

I gathered them from watching several YouTube videos while trying to start my channel as well as doing my research via articles and FAQs. Also, YouTubers like Kelly Stamps, Erin on Demand and Annie Dubé all had extremely helpful tips to share.

I shared 12 tips in this video and I’m sure you’d find most of them useful! Click below to watch:

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Thank you for watching! Let me know what you think of this video in the comments.

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