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9 EASY Ways To Pay Bloggers For Their Contents

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Bloggers do a lot of work by spending time to research and put together relatable & useful content for their readers. It can get very exhausting when readers don’t get to see and read those posts.

As a blogger, I experience this too but I always try to remind myself of why I started blogging.

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You can help your fave bloggers stay motivated by doing these few things to remind them why they should keep on blogging.

1. Read their content

The easiest way to motivate bloggers is to regularly visit their blogs and read their content. Bloggers are nothing without their readers. A lot of work is put into writing and publishing posts, so the most satisfying reward for bloggers is to have readers read and appreciate their content.

SO, read their content if you’ve ever found something useful from their posts.

2. Request for blogposts

There may be topics you’d like to get more information on, recommendations of products to try out or even a niche you’d like the blogger to explore. You can share these thoughts in their comment sections, this will motivate them to carry out research and publish satisfying posts on these topics. You’d also be helping them with ideas on how to stay consistent with blogging and what to blog about.

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3. Comment on their posts

Leaving comments on blogposts can give any blogger a quick ego boost, even if it’s only with emojis. Don’t hesitate to share your opinions, ask questions, request for clarifications or more information. This will help bloggers be more informative when writing posts.

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4. Recommend them to brands

A lot of bloggers still don’t get paid for blogging. It’d be nice to see some financial returns from doing what we love.

Hence, as a reader, you can play a huge role in making that happen. If you find content from a blogger useful, talk about it on social media and link them to brands with similar products/services. This could lead to opportunities to create sponsored posts and blog ads for these brands.

5. Use their Referral/Affiliate Links

If you’re buying products you discovered via bloggers or through their recommendations, you might as well use their referral and affiliate links to make your purchase. It helps in tracking number of purchases facilitated by the referrals and may even provide a small source of income. Even if you do not make a purchase, checking out referral and affiliate links (that interest you) can still help bloggers increase their click rates.

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6. Buy their products

Whether they’re physical or digital products, purchasing products created by bloggers is very helpful to you and to them. If you cannot buy them or do not require them, you can share on your social media so it can reach other interested buyers.

Bloggers also create free resources, using and sharing these resources is just as helpful as paying for them.


I recently published a comprehensive DIY guide on How to build your self-hosted blog/website for your brand or business all on your own. I also have free resources and eBooks.
Purchasing and sharing these resources provide a lot of motivation for bloggers like me.

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7. Share what you love about their blogs on social media

I might have said this before but one of the best ways to support a blogger is to share their blog and what you love about it. This can serve as a good reminder for the blogger to publish more content. It’s also a nice confidence boost to have people enjoy and share your content.

8. Send appreciation messages

A lot of readers do not leave comments but some of them eventually drop appreciation messages via other social media platforms. It may not be a public indicator of how well the blog is performing but receiving messages always warms the heart.

Hence as a reader, you should develop the habit of leaving comments and sending appreciation messages to bloggers you enjoy content from.

9. Follow them on social media

Bloggers usually have other social media platforms either to promote their blog or create additional content for more users. You can follow them on other platforms and keep up with the rest of their content.

As a blogger, Instagram and YouTube content creator, I offer a wide range of services specifically tailored for small businesses and I’d love to work with you!

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There are several other ways to motivate bloggers as a reader but these tips will definitely help you show more appreciation.

Thank you for reading and I hope you found this post useful. Don’t forget to use these tips for my blog too!



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