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A Modanisa Try-on haul 2021 | Modest outfit ideas + Honest Reviews

If you’re into modest fashion, you’d most likely know about Modanisa. I’ve shared several outfits from the fashion platform before and ahead of this year’s International Women’s Day, I picked up a couple more pieces. For this post, I did a try on haul and shared details about each item as well as other outfits to check out.

These items make great outfit ideas and can be adapted for different occasions like Ramadan, Eid or just everyday life. I’ve included all links to shop all of them and also added some discount codes and coupons.

Click below to watch:

Turn on CC for (rough) English subtitles

Get 10% off all items on Modanisa with this link. Use discount codes YAHDI and SHUMIDEE to get more $$ off.

Outfits featured in the video (with product codes to shop on Modanisa)

1. Look #1

—- Khaki floral dress 1732711

2. Look #2

—– Black floral dress 1726694

3. Look #3

—– Purple collar dress **out of stock

4. Look #4
—– Dusty rose dress 1525128

Other Looks

—— Nude ruffle abaya 1857591

—— White dress 7894190

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More Outfit Inspirations (Links to shop)

✨Black floral Dresses

—- https://bit.ly/37QAOpF

—- https://bit.ly/3kawTcc​

—- https://bit.ly/2NP6nZq​

—- https://bit.ly/3bqkQDt​

—- https://bit.ly/2Nhj9QT​

—- https://bit.ly/37K9iKb

—- https://a.aliexpress.com/_mMtO4iJ

✨Polka dot dresses

—- https://bit.ly/3qOqiGQ

—- https://bit.ly/3r25MSU

—- https://bit.ly/3sgNJZw

—- https://bit.ly/3kjLUbv

—- https://bit.ly/37I19WI

✨Orange dresses

—- https://bit.ly/3kq2cj9

—- https://bit.ly/3aPLc2F

✨Solid pastels

—- https://bit.ly/3uvmZ9Q

—- https://bit.ly/3qRmt3t

—- https://bit.ly/3qEPFLb​

—- https://bit.ly/3k9f0dN

—- https://bit.ly/3aCbIMI​

✨Beige/Nude dresses

—- https://bit.ly/3pGXmPz​

—- https://bit.ly/3sqODTB​

—- https://bit.ly/3uj249F​

✨Chiffon scarves

—- https://bit.ly/3qPdTCx

—- https://bit.ly/2NWAqOY

—- https://bit.ly/3aNNMpS

✨Jersey scarves

—- https://bit.ly/3pOtz7M

—- https://bit.ly/2NY9TRj

✨Rayon scarves

—- https://bit.ly/3kiS5ww

—- https://bit.ly/3dLtUFJ

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Filming Details

Filmed: Canon G7X Mark II

Edited: iPhone 7 with CapCut

**About Me on YouTube

My name is Airah and my channel is all about skincare, modest fashion, lifestyle and anything else that fits the vibes! I work full-time in tech so I’d occasionally share some tech content. I also like K-Pop and I’m trying to learn Korean so you may see some content on that too!

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modanisa try on haul 2021 eid outfit inspo modanisa review

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