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Korean Skincare Starter Kits You NEED To Try In 2021 | Yesstyle Influencer REVIEW

I’m back with another skincare haul and this time, it features Korean skincare starter kits I received from Yesstyle for one of their campaigns. Starter kits are a great idea when you want to try out products to see if they’d be suitable for your skin, just perfect for beginners!✅

This post highlights Korean skincare brands that have travel kits like Rovectin (4-step travel kit), Some by Mi (brightening starter kit), IUNIK (Daily serum trial kit) and Banila Co (special cleansing duo). They are mostly cruelty-free and some of them are also vegan. I’ll also be sharing full details about each kit as well as highlighting great ingredients.

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Discount Codes

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Skincare Starter Sets and links to shop (Yesstyle)

1. Rovectin 4-Step Skin Essentials Travel Kit https://ys.style/ifBh8yeqjgb

Original sizes:

——— conditioning cleanser https://ys.style/zXcEf8Ypjgb

——— activating treatment lotion https://ys.style/TCrpN70pjgb

——— cica care balm https://ys.style/SqbQOK2pjgb

——— aqua soothing UV protector SPF 50+ PA++++ https://ys.style/x2dDMVXqjgb

——— barrier repair aqua concentrate https://ys.style/pnXIoz9pjgb

2. Some by Mi Yuja Niacin 30 days brightening starter kit https://ys.style/a8zDpEyqjgb

Original sizes:

——— miracle brightening toner https://ys.style/t2YeITzqjgb

——— blemish care serum https://ys.style/HlGg0Hxqjgb

——— brightening moisture gel cream https://ys.style/3Z7iZ1Aqjgb

——— miracle brightening sleeping mask https://ys.style/3Erzr4vqjgb

3. Iunik daily serum trial kit https://ys.style/8Lw1CdCqjgb

Original sizes:

——— propolis vitamin synergy serum https://ys.style/Qj2JFFLqjgb

mini: https://ys.style/wZhaYENqjgb

——— tea tree relief serum https://ys.style/q7qOx7Gqjgb

mini: https://ys.style/2MQf8cKqjgb

——— rose galactomyces synergy serum https://ys.style/MCbPu6Oqjgb

mini: https://ys.style/Qn7ibmQqjgb

4. Banila co clean it zero special duo https://ys.style/u5cxP7sqjgb

Original sizes:

——— cleansing balm original https://ys.style/fjhalbqqjgb

——— cleansing balm purifying https://ys.style/mZhnV6nqjgb

5. Purito centella green level buffet serum https://ys.style/XDhPS0KSwfb

6. Pestlo panthemide (now pantherecipe) cream https://ys.style/hgO6AE9qjgb

——— mini: https://ys.style/x5Stnobrjgb

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For more skincare videos, check out this playlist: https://bit.ly/myskincarepl

Filming Details

Filmed: Canon G7X Mark II

Edited: iPhone 7 with CapCut

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yesstyle haul korean skincare starter kits rovectin some by mi iunik banila co pestlo purito

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