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3 Content Creator Advice To Take With a Grain of Salt

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There are a lot of content creators nowadays and 2020 brought out even more creative spirits! Everyone wanted to explore their creativity and there were tons of advice from content creators to help navigate the space. However, one shouldn’t just follow “advice” from every Tom, Dick and Harry.

This post highlights the top 3 ‘content creator advice’ you’ve definitely heard at least once and why you shouldn’t just consume them without context. Know them and know peace!

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Disclaimer: Like every other content on my blog, these are my personal opinions and experiences. If it doesn’t resonate with you, do take it with a grain of salt✌️.

Also, I was just casually looking through my 2020 drafts and wondered why this was never published despite being finished. So I hit “publish”!

1. “Start with what you have. I started with *** and look where I am now”

It’s good advice but delivered wrongly.

Comparing content creation with *** in 2012 to today’s is simply ridiculous. Times have changed, algorithms are weird and things are so much more competitive. You can “start with what you have” but don’t expect to grow much, if what you have doesn’t meet the standards. Not when there are several thousands of other creators working with great equipment and delivering premium content.

Content quality standards have been set really high and you need to be realistic about reaching those standards.

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2. “Numbers don’t matter. It’s your quality of your content that does”

Again, good content creator advice but not entirely true.

It’s a well known fact that NUMBERS do matter. Social media platforms also support this fact by having features exclusively only for accounts with certain numbers: Instagram & its swipe up feature (10K and above), YouTube monetisation & stories (1k subscribers + 4000 watch hours), etc. Also, you may only get some writing gigs if you have certain blog stats.

Whether it’s the number of your followers/subscribers, number of views or engagement/reach, numbers do matter to brands and businesses you want to work with. Premium content and your stats go hand in hand.

As a blogger, Instagram and YouTube content creator, I offer a wide range of services specifically tailored for brands and small businesses and I’d love to work with you!

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3. “You just have to put in the work”

This is one of the honest truths about everything in life.

You have to work hard(smart) and keep putting in the work to achieve success. However, this does not mean you’d always become successful just by “working hard”. Like most fields, a lot of other factors are needed to attain success in the content creation world:

– collaborations with people in your niche and outside,

– investing more in your brand, that requires money,

– privileges vs. stereotypes: No one can deny the societal imbalance and hindrances different groups of people may face.

You need to be realistic about factors that might help or hinder your growth (race, religion, location, etc) and face them; make them work or just let it go.

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I highlighted these points not to discourage anyone but ONLY to remind you (and myself!) not to compare yourself to others. It’s better to be realistic and understand what you’d truly need to get to where you want. You don’t have to feel bad for not getting what you think you want. You shouldn’t also put others down to make yourself feel better for not getting results.

This is also a reminder to content creators who give advice/tips on how to grow. Make sure to be honest and realistic about factors that could come into play. It’s completely okay if you’re busy or don’t want to help them. Be clear about your intentions and don’t give generic advice just to “get them off your back”.

Thank you for reading, I hope you were able to see one or two things from a new perspective and be more intentional with the kind of advice you share to those who look to you for help (and the kind of help you seek for).

With Love,



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