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5 Ways to Boost Your Blog Traffic Apart From Posting Everyday

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As a blogger, you’d definitely always want to increase your blog traffic and one of the best ways to do that is by blogging consistently and regularly sharing content that benefit your readers.

However, there are several other ways you can increase your blog traffic and I’ll be sharing some of those tips in this post. They have also helped improve my writing.

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1. Create a Custom Linktree Page

We all know social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter only allow adding one link to your profile and a lot of bloggers use Linktree or other alternatives to create a page where they can add multiple links.

However, I recently shared a post with several reasons why bloggers need to ditch Linktree and simply create a custom links page on their website instead! Using this custom page will help you direct all that traffic straight to your blog instead of Linktree.

That is a great way to boost your blog’s traffic!

Learn how to create a good-looking custom links page!

2. Mark High Performing Posts as Cornerstone Content

Cornerstone content is very important, they are content you want your blog to rank for. They should be pages that give an extensive summary of what your blog offers as well as your most useful resources.

Hence, it’s important to mark your best performing posts as cornerstone content. Apart from your posts, you should also mark important pages that provide vital information about your brand as cornerstone content.

Some of my Best Performing Posts:

– Affordable Sunscreens to Buy in Nigeria: Altruist Sunscreen Review

How to Shop Smartly on AliExpress in Nigeria + Answered FAQs

3. Improve Old posts

Improving your high-performing posts is another great way to boost up your blog. There are several ways of improving your old posts and you can check them out in this blogpost.

This will ensure that new readers visiting your blog through old posts get a feel of your improved writing skills. I’ve updated a lot of my old posts over the last few months and it definitely helps.

You should also update important pages on your blog so that new readers get up-to-date information. These pages describe your blog and the services you offer, so it makes sense to regularly update them.

I recently updated my About page and added updated information to my Services page.

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Recently Updated Posts:

– The Beginners Guide To Grow & Go Viral on Pinterest

– How to Grow On Instagram in 2020

4. Use Consistent Blog Banners & Graphics

I used to make random designs as banners and Pinterest pins for my blogposts. However, I’ve realised it’s best to stick to a few designs to achieve a cohesive & signature look.

Eventually, readers would see a blogpost banner design, realise that “oh that’s definitely a blogpost from” and then visit the blog.

I use Canva for all my designs because it offers a lot of amazing features you probably don’t even know about! I recently shared 15 of these amazing features and how they’d make your designs better!

You can also check out 8 ways to make your designs more creative.

5. Save Blogposts to Pinterest

This is another great way of getting more traffic. I always save my blogposts to Pinterest but I’ve been doing it more often. I joined more Pinterest group boards and it helps in pushing my content out to more viewers.

It’s also a great idea to design at least 2 different graphics for each blogpost, so as to be able to repeatedly share posts without spamming with the same graphics. You can check out this guide I wrote on how to grow your Pinterest account effectively.

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Other Helpful Blogging Resources:

– 7 Reasons Why You Should Get a Custom Domain For Your Brand

– How to Write More Articles And Post Consistently

– 3 Blogs That’ll Increase Your Love for Blogging

6. Share, Share & Reshare

No one can promote you better than yourself. Blow your trumpet by sharing your content on all your social media platforms. I’ve been resharing old content for new readers to come across. I’ve also been sending monthly posts updates to my email subscribers and I think this is a great way of getting more people to check out your content.

The links to my social media platforms are always included at the end of my posts. If you’d love to connect with me in any of the platforms, do check out the links at the bottom of this post too🖤

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Utilizing all of these tips as well as regularly publishing new posts would help increase your blog traffic and audience.

Thank you for reading and I hope you found the tips helpful! Don’t forget to leave comments and share to your friends 🖤

With Love,



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