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7 Tips For Writing More Blogposts And Blogging Consistently

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You’ve probably come across several blogposts on how to blog consistently, write and publish multiple blogposts. These millions of articles indeed share great tips and they’d encourage you to keep blogging. I tried a couple of them to figure out what works for me so this post highlights the tips I’ve been using to publish blogposts regularly for the past few months.

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1. Write Blogposts in Bits

Writing a proper blogpost takes time but you can start in bits. Write out all your thoughts about a particular idea, don’t worry about it making sense at first. After that, go back and read through, then develop your points better. Don’t be afraid to delete parts that don’t work well, you’d get more ideas. Do this over and over until you’re satisfied with the final drafts. Then PUBLISH/SCHEDULE IT!

Don’t overthink, just schedule it and move on to your next idea. You can always improve the post before the publish date but as soon as you feel satisfied with a final draft, set a publish date.

2. Jot All Your Ideas & Write Multiple Blogposts Ahead

This has been very helpful for me. There are days where you’re bursting with ideas and have a lot to talk about and other days where you feel blank. Write as much as you can on those good days, jot down all your ideas and add your key thoughts on it even if you don’t develop it into a full blogpost at that point.

My Notes app is full of ideas I jotted down with the points I want to discuss. I’ve been able to complete multiple blogposts this way because I can always go back to them and develop those points whenever I feel motivated to.

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3. Have a Timetable & Stick to It

This buttresses my previous point; have a timeline for your blogposts and stick to it. If you want to publish on weekends, plan your content around that and stick to it. That way, your readers will eventually get used to your schedule. I repeatedly shared on my Instagram that I’d be publishing posts every Thursday for the month of July and so, my readers knew when to expect new content.

My current posting day is Saturdays at 9AM GMT+1 so you can easily catch up & relax with great content during the weekends!

4. Schedule Your Blogposts

Honestly, this has been my lifesaver for the past weeks. I had a plan for July’s content and picked Thursdays for posting. However, I had to start a new job and I wasn’t able to get time off to publish posts during the week. Scheduling posts made my life easy and helped me stick to my timetable without any hindrances.

5. Publish Blogposts Consistently

I know it can be hard to go from publishing once a month to once/more a week. However, the hard truth is you need to always show up! Publishing regularly helps you get accustomed to the idea of putting out new posts according to your timetable. Eventually, you’d fall into a comfortable routine and publish more posts easily.

It may not be several times a week but start from somewhere. I’m currently publishing a post per week until I get comfortable with more. You can start from there too.

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6. Read Blogs

There are several blogs out there, with content that can inspire and motivate you. Visiting and reading these blogs can boost your low days and inspire fresh ideas for your blog.

However, DO NOT make the mistake of reading blogs to copy their content. It’s very wrong of a blogger to copy the content of others. I know there’s nothing you can write about that’s not been written before but the whole point of blogging is to share YOUR opinions on things, so stick to that.

The Art of Blogging and New Lune are some of my current favorite blogs, their content make me remember how much I love blogging.

I also recently discovered Jessica Baker via Pinterest and I loved her post on blogging alongside a full-time job. Check out my Pinterest blogger boards to find more inspiring blogs.

7. Just Do It

There are so many things you can do, effective strategies you can try but they will only work if you just do them. So just do it; write ideas down even if they don’t make complete sense at first, write in bits even if they don’t fit together, just keep doing it.

how to blog consistently write publish more blogposts blogging resources blogpost khairahscorner

Utilising these few tips will help you get more blogpost ideas, get you to write more posts and blog consistently.

Thank you for reading and I hope you found the post useful!




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