Saturday, September 21, 2019
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Travel Diaries: A Trip to Al-Madinah, Saudi Arabia

Ever being to Al-Madinah or Al-Masjid An-Nabawi (The Prophet’s Mosque)?? I had the opportunity of visiting the city and unlike my previous post on Makkah, I’ll be writing more about my experience throughout the journey. The Journey: After spending time in Makkah (Read post here), we headed out on a Sunny Sunday morning to Al-Madinah. […]

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Reintroducing Khairah’s Corner: A Modest Fashion blog

Hi there! My name is Khairah Yusuff(aka khairahscorner) and I’d like to reintroduce Khairah’s Corner, a lifestyle blog showcasing my modest fashion opinions along with everyday life experiences. It feels really good to finally have a blog without the lengthy ‘’. Want to know 2 or ten facts about me? Get to know me better […]

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