Monday, April 12, 2021
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8 Ways to Make Your Canva Designs More Creative

You’ve probably come across the Canva app before and used it for design; either as a blogger, content creator or just a regular user. If you’ve never heard about Canva, it’s an app that allows you to create amazing graphic designs very easily! From blog banners, YouTube art, Pinterest pins and even InstaStories, it can […]

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14 Positive Quotes and Sayings To Strengthen Your Mindset + Improve Daily Life

Positive sayings and motivational quotes are like food recipes we feed our brains when we’re feeling all sorts of things. There are days when things get hard, you have a lot of emotions and your mind gets overwhelmed. These are the times you need positive words to lift your spirits. Why You Should Have a […]

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3 Ways to Style Midi Pleated Skirts with Long Oversized Shirts

I’ve always been a fan of long and midi pleated skirts and you probably are too! They look so effortless and can be styled in several ways. Long blouses, shirts, baggy and oversized tops have also always been great for for styling pants because they provide maximum butt coverage. These long & oversized shirts may […]

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How to Pay Bloggers & Content Creators Without Actually Paying Money

I’m almost certain you were curious on how you can pay bloggers or any content creator for their work without using money. Money is the only currency most people think of, when they hear the word “pay”. However, there are several other ways. It’s a sad but true fact that bloggers & content creators still […]

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