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EID 2022 Outfit Ideas: A Collection of Lookbooks!

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It’s that “Islamic celebrations” time of the year again and usually, I put together modest outfit ideas you could try for Eid 2022. However this time, I’ll be sharing a compilation of ALL the best ideas that’d look perfect for Eid I’ve shared over the years. In other words, it’s a collection of EID look-books!

EID 2022 A COLLECTION OF LOOKBOOKS by khairahscorner

In this post, you’ll find modest outfit ideas from my past EID look-books, outfits to check out from specific brands, and best looks from your favourite influencers. If you won’t be getting anything new, don’t worry ’cause I also got you! I’ve included tips on how to make use of what you already have in your wardrobe, and simple hacks to style them in new ways!

P.S If you’re not a fan of blogposts, most of these recommendations come with YouTube videos so you can see how they look in reality!



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1) EID Look-Books

Although as far back as 2018, every outfit in these lookbooks is still Eid-worthy.

a. EID 2021 Lookbook

b. 2020 EID Outfit Ideas

c. 2019 Eid Outfits Ideas

d. EID 2018 Modest Outfit Ideas

2) Outfits from specific brands


a) Veiled Collection: I recently joined their affiliate program so you can use the links in the posts below to shop and my coupon code to get 10% off!

– 2022 Ramadan Lookbook

– Favourite Outfits From Veiled Collection 2020


b) Modanisa: I have shopped a couple of times from Modanisa so you know I got you with the good choices!

– EID with Modanisa: 10 Eid outfit ideas

– Abaya Try-on Haul 2021 Ft. Modanisa

– A Modanisa Try-on Haul 2021 | Honest Reviews

– Dresses Try-on Haul | Modest Outfits ft. Modanisa

3) Influencer EID Looks


I wrote this post in 2018 compiling some outfits that stood out to me that Eid, and I think it would still make for some nice inspos.

As a blogger, Instagram and YouTube content creator, I offer a wide range of services specifically tailored for brands and small businesses and I’d love to work with you!

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4) Restyling from your wardrobe

The first post in the list below shares how to work with staples from your wardrobe and colors/patterns to put together a refreshing look (without having to buy anything new). The rest are tips/hacks I have shared on modest fashion in general.

a. Eid Outfits Ideas with Wardrobe Staples and Colors

b. Modest Fashion Hack: One Wrap Dress, Five Ways

c. A Simple Hack To Wearing Your Skirts Differently

d. 3 Ways to Style Midi Pleated Skirts

e. 5 Ways to Wear a Large Jacket Coat


Other Feel-good Posts:

– EID 2019 – Celebrating Eid With Nigerian Muslims

– My Approach to Maintaining Spiritual Growth During Hayd


Thank you for reading and I hope these gave you some outfit ideas on what to wear for EID 2022! Don’t forget to shop via my links in each post and also use my discount codes. Let me know what you may be wearing in the comments.


Till Next Time,

With Love,



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