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8 Ways to Make Your Canva Designs More Creative

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You’ve probably come across the Canva app before and used it for design; either as a blogger, content creator or just a regular user.

If you’ve never heard about Canva, it’s an app that allows you to create amazing graphic designs very easily! From blog banners, YouTube art, Pinterest pins and even InstaStories, it can be used to design literally any type of media (pictures, videos, GIFs).

8 ways creative canva designs for blog instastories 2020 banner blogpost khairahscorner

It has a lot of features to explore but for this post, I’ll be sharing 8 different features you can use to make your Canva designs more creative and fun.

Get started on Canva today!

Some of these features are not available on the mobile app but the web version offers them all. I usually work with the web version on my laptop because it’s a lot easier to use. However you can still use the web version on your phone too.

The mobile app is more useful for simpler designs.

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1. Stickers

The “Elements” feature in Canva has a lot of options to explore. One of them is the Stickers option.

They’re animations you can add to make your design more fluid and interactive. I find them very useful for CTAs because they draw attention due to their motion. There are different types you can make use of and they’ll definitely improve your designs.

I used the Shop and Sale stickers as CTAs in my sidebar ad designs.

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2. Frames

This is another ‘Elements’ feature that’s not used often but it can make your designs more creative.

The ‘Frames’ option is like ‘Grids’ which allows you to add multiple and properly positioned images. The only difference is frames provide you with more creative shapes. You can make use of different shapes like phone screens, laptop screens, mirrors, book covers and even alphabets to add your images. Overall, it’s a very useful feature to easily add images in unconventional shape formats.

ways to make canva graphics designs 2020 more creative elements frames blogpost khairahscorner

3. Text Effects

Canva also offers this ‘Effects’ feature that can be used to add creative texts in your designs.

You can customise your texts to have “Shadow”, “Glitch” and a whole lot of other effects. There are also options to adjust each effect and this can be really useful in adding more appealing texts to designs.

ways to make canva graaphics designs 2020 more creative text effects blogpost khairahscorner

4. Art

There are over 25 sections under the ‘Elements’ feature and a lot of them can be used to enhance your designs.

The commonly used sections are the “Lines”, “Shapes” and “Grid” sections. However, you can create more colorful backgrounds with “Gradient” section instead of “Shapes”.

The “Bold Foliage” and “Organic Summer” offer a variety of flowery art that can be added to your designs. You can also add avatars and human illustrations with the “Duo Color Avatar”, “Pastel Ladies” and “Girl Power” sections.

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5. Image Effects

Apart from the “Filter” and “Adjust” options for customising images, you can also use an “Effects” feature for images in your designs.

It gives you access to options like Glitch to add glitch effects to your images or Duotone to apply a two-color palette to images. You can also get access to a Background Remover option for removing image backgrounds.

The Background Remover option is only available for Canva Pro.

8 ways to make canva graaphics designs 2020 more creative image effects background remover blogpost khairahscorner

6. Animate

The easiest way to export your designs in an interactive format is to use the ‘Animate’ feature. It provides several animation options like Fade, Rise, etc. Exporting your designs as animations make them interactive and fun to watch when they’re shared on social media platforms like instaStories.

I usually use the Rise option for most of my animations but you can easily explore all the available options. The animation below uses the Block option.

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7. Save as GIF

Another fun way to export your designs is with the “Download as GIF” option. This is a great choice if you want to have interactive designs with minimal sizes. I typically use this for my blog sidebar designs and it’s a great way to call the attention of your viewers.

There are a lot of other features to be explored and I’d share more soon. I’ll be writing a post on over 10 features most Canva users definitely don’t know about!! Be sure to follow and subscribe to my blog so you can get regular notifications on new posts and other goodies exclusive to my subscribers✨

create amazing creative canva designs for blog instastories 2020 blogpost khairahscorner canva features banner

Thank you for reading and I hope this helps make your designs more creative and fun! Let me know in the comments if you found this post useful.

With Love,



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