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7 Things You Should STOP Doing As a Blogger!

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There are a lot of amazing bloggers and creators out there and as a fellow blogger, it’s important to highlight some things one may need to stop; they hinder the success of your blog! If you want to grow your blog and relate more with bloggers and readers alike, you need to take a step back and check if you do not fall in any of the  categories.


1. Not Putting Your Blog FIRST

As a blogger, never put social media before your blog. Just like how Youtubers and/or Instagram influencers focus on creating content for these specific platforms, you should focus mostly on your blog. The reality is you can lose your social media accounts anytime but you’re solely in charge of what happens to your blog. AS a blogger, blogging is your main priority and you need to ensure it stays that way.

If you’re like me and you create content across all platforms, all of those contents should still come back to your blog. I share full reviews of some of my Instagram content as well as blogpost versions of my YouTube videos ,all on the blog. That way, my content is “safe” regardless.

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2. Having A “Lone Wolf” Mindset

You’d be stuck at your base audience forever if you don’t interact with other people creating similar content. Search for more blogs you may like, discover new accounts on social media that pique your interests. This helps a lot when it comes to getting new inspiration and motivation to create your own content.

After discovering blogs/creator accounts you relate with, you should interact with them. Leave genuine comments and share your favourite posts from their accounts/blogs. This could lead to their audience checking out your content, thus exposing your content to more people.

Apart from that, it also helps to build a good blogger rep.

As a blogger, Instagram and YouTube content creator, I offer a wide range of services specifically tailored for brands and small businesses and I’d love to work with you!

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3. Going on Hiatus

Like everything else in life, sometimes you need to catch a break and that’s okay! However, as a blogger, you should always source for ways to get yourself back into the right headspace.

Take time off when you need to, we all get burnt out but stop going off for long months. You have to feed your readers new articles, and going on long breaks won’t help you write any new content.

Even if you don’t get comments, your blog stats are a good indication of your audience and proof that users come across your blogposts through organic search and they come for new information.

If you don’t write new blogposts, what new content would search engines push?

4. Not Checking Blog Stats

A spike in your blog traffic can boost your motivation to create new content. Review your blog with Google Search Console & Analytics and get to know your numbers; average monthly views, visitors & other audience insights. This can inspire you to publish new content and guide you on how to improve your content.

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5. Underestimating Your VALUE

This was my problem for the longest time. I held back a lot on writing “blogging tips” articles because I felt I was not qualified to share blogging advice (I was always inconsistent). I also didn’t want to “deviate” from my known niches.

However, I realised that anyone can write about their experiences; you don’t have to be an expert to share your thoughts and you can always carry out research to equip yourself with the knowledge.

So, equip yourself with insights on different topics and write those posts with your own personal touch. That’s what makes every article/blogpost unique.

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6. Overthinking

This never gets you anywhere. It only fills you with “it’s not perfect yet” sentiments and prevents you from publishing blogposts. I’ve learnt to understand that no post is perfect, not at first draft, not at the 20th revision.

However, you’d get to the 20th update only if you actually hit “Publish”. As a blogger, you need to accept the fact that there will always be better words to express your thoughts but the words you have, in that moment, are good enough for publishing.

So whenever you complete a draft, schedule it for publishing OR publish it immediately!

7. Not Sharing Your Blogposts

I know it can get pretty tiring and repetitive promoting on different social media accounts. However, it’s not wrong to blow one’s trumpet repeatedly; it’s not spam either. Promoting your blog on social media helps catch the attention of audience from those platforms and this could convert them to your blog readers.

You should also share your blogposts regularly on your social media, regardless of whether they’re new or old. Doing this helps promote previous articles to new audiences that may find it more useful than when it was released.


That’s all I have for this post!

Thank you for reading and as usual, I hope you found the post helpful and gradually refrain from doing any of these things. Let me know what you think in the comments or leave a word of appreciation if you found these helpful!

Till Next Time,

With Love,



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